This webpage is dedicated to the graduate student members and early career scholars of the International Communication Association (ICA). Its goal is to provide key resources for academic achievement, professional development, and work-life coherence for graduiate students and early career scholars, so that they (YOU!) may build a meaningful, successful career.

A key component of this strategy is building and enhancing a comprehensive Early Career Scholars' Network. This website highlights several aspects of this network, including: ways and strategies to get involved with ICA and network with other scholars, news and information on opportunities available, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for early career scholars, and a mentoring platform that be will online shortly.

Graduate student members are represented on the ICA Board through two Graduate Student Representatives (GSRs). Our contact details are listed below.

Contact your Graduate Student Representatives (GSRs)

Anne Kaun Francois Allard-Huver

Sodertorn U
14189 Huddinge
Stockholm     SWEDEN
Ph. 0046 8064791

Paris Sorbonne University
77 rue de Villiers
Neuilly   92200  FRANCE
Ph. +33624758162

You can download the GSR Manual, and view other reports relevant to graduate student members of the ICA on our Reports page.
The Graduate Student Affairs Committee (GSAC) of the ICA consists of the following individuals, in addition to the two GSRs (dated May, 2014):
  • Rui He (Renmin University, China)
  • Paola Sartoretto (Karlstad University, Sweden)
  • Raihan Jamil (Zayed University, U.A.E.).